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AE2 digital units are an evidence of simplicity and performance. In spite of the lowest prices on the market, they reach high precision functions.


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G803 comparator is suitable for comparing unknown sample transformers to standard  transformers with known characteristics. From this comparison discrepancies in transform ratio and phase angle between currents (tensions) of primary and secondary circuit are highlighted.

The comparator allows to measure phase angle error and transformer ratio error in a very simple and accurate way, by means of a keyboard on front panel.
G803 comparator is essentially constituted by some high accuracy transformers and analogic/digital circuitry.

Measure data values are provided by high accuracy calculation and conversion processes from high time stability and reliable circuitry.
Instrument motherboard  is connected to the other circuits by means of an easy connection system that allows fast maintenance and repair operation when needed.

All boards, including front panel digital volmeters, are connected through cables and connectors; each part of the instrument can be easily checked and removed in case of damage or normal maintenance operation.
Each function is selectable from the keyboard which, thanks to the external shielding film, is moistureproof and dustproof.


Technical characteristics

  • Current inputs: 1 A – 2 A – 5 A – 20 A
  • Standard transformer: 5°
  • Voltage inputs: 100 V
  • Maximum error ratio: 5% (50% at 5A input)
  • Maximum phase error: 5% (50% at 5A input)
  • Scale in centiradians or arcmins.
  • Maximum overload: 200% of nominal value for standard inputs, 400% of nominal value for auxiliary inputs.


Maximum resolution:

  • Primary current: 0,1%
  • Voltage: 0,1 V
  • Ratio error: 0,001% (10ppm)
  • Phase error: 0,001% (crad)
  • VA Burden: 0,1 VA



  • Primary current: 0,5% (??? )
  • Phase and ratio error: 0,5%


  • Maximum residual burden of comparison instrument: 0,6 VA
  • Input signal frequency range : 40-100 Hz
  • Maximum burden: 200 VA
  • Automatic change of scale for current and burden value lower than 10%
  • Alarm harm on current at 210% nominal value
  • Running temperature: from 0 +40°C
  • Insulation: 1000 V RMS between clamps and between clamps and comparison instrument
  • USB output and software (available)


Outline dimensions


  • Length 350 mm
  • Height 150 mm
  • Width 450 mm
  • Power supply: 200-240 V ac 50-60 Hz
  • Power consumption < 15 VA

Download software G803 1.34

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