The toroidal transformers herewith described have the purpose to increase or reduce current or tension in order to obtain the required test value. They can also be employed for other customized uses.


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AE2  toroidal transformers can be produced  depending on customer’s specification or  either made by our own R&D laboratory technical specifications.

Manufacturing techniques allow to use toroidal current transformers in free air,  gas and oil environments and are available with large thru-hole diameter.

Thanks to our sophisticated proof techniques, we reach very low precision classes guaranteed by an internal quality certification.

Toroidal current transformers can be customized with logo and description.


  • Maximum external diameter up to 600mm.
  • Precision class from 0,1%
  • PVC, Teflon and silicon-glass cable insulating material.
  • Grounded core transformers available.
  • Maximum weight: 75 Kg.

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In addition to testing devices, we are also manufacturers of low voltage measuring transformers with a wide range of models. Download our catalogue in home-page.

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